Indiana Jones Coin Door Print

The Indiana Jones Coin Door is pretty plain - just like most pinballs. The only colour is from the coin entry slots (and that is usually only red or orange).

Jason (an Indiana Jones pinball owner from Melbourne, Australia) decided to do something about the plain old Indiana Jones coin door, and has kindly allowed us to make it available for everyone who wants it!!

This is the coin door sticker image (don't copy this version as it is low res, use the link at the bottom of this page)... Indiana Jones coin door sticker Read more...

Stern Flippers (1977 - 1984) Print

Stern Flippers are of a different design to the Bally Pinball Flippers of the same age, even though the circuit boards and many parts used on a Stern Pinball are the same as Bally.

This makes it difficult to rebuild the Stern Flippers, as these parts are no longer available. So what can you do if you want to rebuild your flipper assemblies?

Here's a neat little trick we use on the Stern machines - modifiy the flipper assembly to take 90's model Williams flipper parts!

The Flipper stroke is almost exactly the same when using the Williams parts versus the original Stern parts - you won't notice any difference.

The Williams flipper parts are easy to come by, and are not expensive, so by making this change you will always have strong flippers on your Stern pinball...


Pinball Tips

Never use grease or similar on plungers!

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