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The Pinball history dates back to at least the 15th Century when "Outdoor" games were all the rage.

Pinball is a game that has ancestrial links to Bowls and Bocce (Pronounced Bah-chee), which gave birth to games that required balls to be hit with sticks.

Early incarnations of games that required the use of sticks to hit balls became games like Shuffleboard and Croquet.

These games eventually had "Indoor" versions created like Bowling. Table versions also became popular with a new game called Billiards.

Although the history of Pinball does spawn from Billiards, it also seperated from it. While Billiards went on to create Snooker and 8-Ball, Pinball history was just starting to take shape...


TILT Mechanism Print

The Pinball Machine Tilt Mechanism was an important development in Pinball History...

Pinball machines didn't have tilt mechanisms until 1932. Up to this point in time, you were free to "nudge" the machine as much and as often as you liked.


Flippers Print

"Flippers" is one of the few words that conjurs up images of Pinball Machines. It now has a firm place in Pinball History.

Pinball Machines had already cemented their place in history by the time they were invented. As Pinball Manufacturers were now back in full production after World War II, new and inventive features were being developed.


Bumpers Print

Bumpers on a Pinball Machine are an item that defines what a Pinball is. They have a special place in Pinball History.

There is nothing like a Pinball that has a good bumper action, that is where the ball bounces between them quite rapidly. This makes the Pinball more exciting and enjoyable for the player - you never know where the ball will finally be propelled to!

Bumpers haven't always been a part of Pinball, but they did come out as the main feature of the first Pinball to use them...


Tommy - Pinball Wizard Print

The Who's "Tommy" was one of the first ever concept albums recorded. And "Pinball Wizard" became the anthem for Pinball Machines and a part of Pinball History.

A story about a deaf, dumb and blind kid, who's talent was being the best ever pinball player! He could beat the champions at their own game, without being able to see or hear what was going on!


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