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We are no longer servicing, repairing or providing parts for Pinball and Amusement Machines. This site has been left on-line to continue to provide information about these machines, and will be updated from time to time...

However, if you live in Melbourne, Australia, and would like to hire a Pinball Machine, Arcade Game, Jukebox, Photo Booth or any other machine for your next party, check out our friends at: Party Play Jukebox and Amusement Hire (partyplay.com.au).


We still have our information pages available like tips on what to look for when Buying a Pinball. Don't get caught up in the salesperson's hype... A Pinball is an Investment, so make sure you get the right one!

Think of this site as your very own pinball, arcade and amusement machine resource - A place that you can come to for information and advice, and expert service and repairs. With lots of information covering many different subjects, we're sure you'll find the info you need.

There's nothing more annoying than a flipper not working properly, or a bumper that has stopped, switches that don't score, lights not on, or the game just doesn't work!

Rest assured, with our help you will have the flipper power, that bumper action, the ultimate high score, all those features lit, and a happily working game!

So... feel free to browse around, or look for specific information, there are many topics to choose from to help you become a...



Pinball Tips

Flippers have an "End Of Stroke" switch. Make sure it is adjusted correctly.

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